Frequent Asked Questions:

Q:How do I know my level?

Our teachers will assess your level, both oral and reading levels during the Free Trial lesson. Arrange a Free Trial lesson now.

Q:Will I/May I have the same teacher all the time?

Yes. We do our best to make sure that you have a dedicate teacher for the entire course. However in some exceptional circumstances where your primary teacher is already booked or unavailable for the time you select, you will be assigned to or may choose another teacher.

Q:May I change teacher if I don’t like the teacher?

Yes. Let us know your concern and what you would prefer and we will arrange another teacher for you. Contact Administrator now.

Q:What if my teacher is unavailable for the time I select?1

We will assign another teacher for you.

Q:How does the class work? How do I communicate with my teacher?

You and your teacher will be communicating through Skype. The software is completely free to download; the calls and video conferencing via internet to our teachers are also free. Skype is compatible for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Q:How do I re-schedule my lesson?

At no charge: first you will need to cancel your original confirmed lesson (at least 12 hours before the lesson starts) and book another time for the new lesson (subject to teachers’ availabilities). Lesson is charged if cancellation is within the 12 hours just before the lesson starts. ·

Q:How do I cancel confirmed lesson? What if I miss the lesson?

For cancellation, you need to inform us 12 hours before your lesson starts. Failing that unfortunately you will be charged for the missed lesson. We give full respect to our teachers who spend time and dedication in preparing the lessons.

Q:What happens if I lose my connection during the lesson?

Unfortunately you are responsible to ensure a good internet connection for the lesson. You may try re-connect as soon as possible, as the teacher will still be there for the lesson hour. However you will lose the credit for the lesson if re-connection fails. No make-up session will be granted.

Q:Does the teacher give lessons on Chinese national holidays?

We are closed on Chinese national holidays. Any course expiry date falls under the national holiday will automatically be extended.

Please send us an email at contact@e-chinese-teaching.com if your question is not answered below. We are glad to assist you.